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Shanghai Railway Express transportation in railway transport, Ltd is a professional company, engaged in the iron in Railway Express and logistics, its main business: train in Shanghai shipping and baggage, long distance moving, road transport, air transport, car shipping, electrical appliances, furniture consignment consignment, piano consignment checked, pet shipping, computer services, and provide free home delivery service. Provides railway transportation, China railway logistics, Shanghai Railway Express Company, China railway logistics company in Shanghai, the Shanghai Railway Express, Shanghai Railway logistics, railway express company, China railway logistics company, Shanghai Railway Express phone.

company established parcel freight, fast freight and contract logistics the three core businesses, establish a set of transportation timeframes, service standards and price as a whole, following service products, can provide cargo information tracking and querying, packaging, warehousing, processing, distribution, freight forward design and consulting, logistics and value-added services.

company has always been adhering to the "safe, punctual, fast and economic" service concept, at the same time to provide transportation and logistics services, and constantly improve our service capabilities and service levels, to create excellent brand of China railway logistics.