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Railway Express baggage service

I. Agreement

from Shanghai Railway Express Company Limited (hereinafter "Railway Express"), freight shippers recognizes the following endorsement of terms as its common, and legal   the effectiveness of the agreed conditions, the spontaneous games articles and confirmed the date of signature of the carrier force.

1, the consignment note:

Railway Express shipment just in preparation for delivery people, with nature. When shipped to the owner or agent fill in the waybill in the name of, and signed after the signature signifies acceptance of and compliance with the terms of this waybill endorsement of the content, and are protected by law.

2, the shipper and the carrier's obligations and commitments

a. the shipper and its authorized agents guarantee, consignment, shipment of goods in accordance with national law and acceptable to the Department for transport and is not against the wills of the carrier.

b. entrusted goods carried should be properly packed, must meet the requirements for safe transport of goods, items for special material (such as important items, perishable items, etc), the shipper should complete the special packaging and make a special statement to the carrier, or introducing a price measure.  

c. Railway Express shippers must be in block letters on the consignment note fill shipper and consignee name, Department, address, contact phone number and the full name.

d. Railway Express shippers promise right to renounce or rejected is not suitable for transport of consignment, intentionally or unintentionally hidden   hide real name and value and national law prohibited items carried, mailed and transported from which breaches  , shippers willing to assume all legal and financial liability.  

e. shipper and its authorized agents undertake to accept and pay for items published by railway express freight and packaging related to the   storage and shipping costs.

f.  Railway Express in based on the original charges according to customer requirements, and need to be insured according to declare the real value added of the insurance charge.

3, the carrier's right to:

railway express forwarding agents ' right to be informed of the nature of the items, quantity and weight and assist the relevant government departments and departments of transportation carriage of goods for inspection or investigation

4, the liens of the carriage of goods:

shipper and carrier agent is not stipulated in the contract to pay freight and related costs, the carrier prior to the lack of effective security, items carriers the right to purchase and retain recourse to the shipper and its authorized agents, and thus not liable for any loss arising out of.

5, responsible for provision

a.  in the iron fast shipped on force majeure by caused of items transport delays, and lost, and destruction or confiscated not responsible, as war, and riot, and bad weather, and flights delays, and pendant machine, and typhoon, and fire, and flood, and major traffic accident and the natural or human of serious disaster and the in the iron fast shipped cannot control of various situation or due to checked people of reasons caused of confiscated are not negative any responsibility.

b.  Railway Express for delivery delay or loss caused by the indirect loss or other non-subject does not assume any liability for losses.

Railway Express in c.  because of the following causes delays in the delivery of the goods, shipping errors and loss of liability:

(1) due to the reason of the shipper, address errors, incomplete, scrawled phone number cannot be confirmed and error; recipients, such as change of address or cannot be served by the region.

(2) the shipper commissioned by the article itself in violation of relevant State policies, prohibited by the Act, such as flammable, explosive, easily contaminated, corrosive, poisonous powder, liquid and other dangerous goods.

(3) without a declaration by the shipper and the loss caused by improper packaging.

6, lost compensation limit:

a. General goods (without insurance) are each up to 200 Yuan for compensation, compensation or five Yuan per kg

b. According to the actual amount of insurance compensation to the insured.

c. maximum insured amount limited to 500,000 yuan.

d. Special items (not including its commercial value), if national provisions of compensation provided for by the State,   is not provided, as compensation for the actual value of the goods.

7, claims:

a. any claim must be sent within 30 days after delivery (fill whichever of the unit), submitted by the shipper, and notify the carrier in writing, and must be issued in the form a second original copy and payment receipts. Claims below the requirement only in the case of freight has been paid may be ordered to give up chasing lost power.

b, shippers ' claim is made at the same time, has a continuing obligation to accept and pay geothermal anomaly due to the carrier's freight shipper has no right to deduct for compensation payments.

8, the application range:

a, articles listed above apply to all Railway Express, registered trademark in use and the operating rights of the company or any other specified agents.

b, China Railway Express between shippers and the signing of all agreements should be in line with the interests of both sides and the relevant laws and regulations of the State, and receive the decision of the arbitration body in the region.

Second, the shipper and the carrier's obligations and commitments

1. , please call business phone, customer service will be free for your home services.

2. Please inform our customer service:

(1) your pickup address. (For example: ** ** road, in Beijing, ** building, room **,)

(2) your contact information.

(3) the types of goods

(4) the destination of the goods. If your arrival we are temporarily not available, customer service officer will ask for your opinion   whether to use other means.  

(5) the method of payment (monthly  /  pay  /  other)

3. Please pay attention to our consignment terms.

three, packaging considerations

1, do not place loose items in boxes and cushioning for protection

2, fragile items should be separated by individual packaging and fit fixed.  

3, the use of a complete lid boxes, do not use broken or uneven carton

4, suggestion posted in cardboard boxes into the sender and recipient addresses, and the telephone label  

four, fill out a consignment note

fill out the correct railway express consignment note in  

1, in block letters, please fill in the consignment note.  

2, please fill in the recipient's address, company name.  

3, please be sure to fill in the recipient and the sender's phone number

5, do not leave the old labels on the used cartons

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