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Top ten railway terminal

To the railway network, several railway lines cross, or the place of convergence, from several stations, station tie lines, composed of pit stops and signal overall, known as the railway terminal. About more than more than 500 Chinese Railways hub, are generally national or provincial political, economic, cultural centres or industrial base and center of Portage, and representative railway terminal:  

1: Beijing railway terminal:

is the coupling of the eight directions of the country's largest rail hub. Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Kowloon, Beijing-Shenyang, Beijing, the capital's three expressways, railways radiating to the national and international trains to North Korea, Mongolia and Russia.

2: Tianjin railway terminal:

are the North's largest land and sea transport centres, two large Beijing-Shenyang, Beijing-Shanghai Railway cross here, and connected the port of Tanggu, Beijing's Outer Harbor and portals.

3: Shanghai railway hub:

is the East Coast's largest hub. Is not only the end of the Beijing-Shanghai and Shanghai-Hangzhou railway, China Ocean shipping and coastal routes North and South of the Center, passenger and freight is great.

4: Harbin railway terminal:

connect five direction northeast of the North's largest rail Center. HA da, bin Zhou, bin-sui, bin-Ji line in this convergence. Transit traffic is large. Mainly timber, grain, coal and soybeans.

5: Zhengzhou railway terminal:

located in China's Central Plains zone, Longhai railway, Jingguang two lines intersect, communicate in all directions of goods in more than 10 provinces, is the national rail network of "heart".

6: Wuhan railway terminal:

Han, Han and nine in attendance is the Beijing-Guangzhou, (Jiang) railway and the confluence of Yangtze River and hanshui river shipping transportation center, known as the "thoroughfare of nine provinces" said, with land and sea transit transport as its characteristics.

7: Shenyang railway terminal:

is connected the five North-East in the direction of the South's biggest railway traffic has swollen heart. Harbin-Dalian, Beijing-Shenyang, Shenyang-Dandong, SHEN Ji main intersection, transit traffic has the highest in the Northeast.

8: Guangzhou railway hub:

is the South China Sea and land transport Center in China, Beijing-Guangzhou, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway and Pearl River shipping in this convergence. Huangpu port, Guangzhou's Outer Harbor, visitors from both at home and abroad, and import and export of goods in circulation here is very large.

9: Lanzhou railway terminal:

is located in the geometric center, Longhai, LAN, Bao-LAN, Lanqing four railway lines at this intersection, passenger and cargo volume is very large, is directly going to the Mainland and frontier, strategic position is very important.

10: Chongqing railway terminal:

in Chongqing and xiangfan-Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou and three railway lines as well as the confluence of the Yangtze and jialing rivers route is the Southwest's largest center of Portage.