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Car shipping form several species introduction

Car shipping form?

  basis of the shipper's number, size, shape and other conditions, railway vehicles and equipment, and so on, can be divided into three kinds of railway freight transportation: vehicle, and the less-than-truckload and container. Whole car Transport Department refers to goods of weight, and volume or shape need to a car or a car above of truck shipment Shi; LTL transport is refers to a goods of weight, and volume or shape enough whole car transport conditions Shi by LTL checked of goods also needed has another two a conditions: a is single pieces goods of volume minimum shall not is less than 0.02 cubic metres (single pieces goods weight in 10 kg above of except), II is each batch goods of pieces number shall not over 300 pieces. Container transport is not damaged boxes can be put inside a box of goods. Cargo containers can be eligible for container transport carriage.

  according to the delivery conditions, railway transport can be divided into the categories of goods?

  railway transport of goods, can be divided into ordinary goods, according to the special conditions of two types of goods. General cargo means in railway transport, according to the General conditions of the goods, such as coal, grain, timber, steel, mineral building materials.

  according to the special conditions of goods refers to goods, volume, during transport requires the use of special vehicles, such as shipping or special transport conditions and measures need to be taken in order to ensure integrity and safety of the goods, such as an extra long, heavy set, ultra limited, dangerous and perishable goods.

  is divided into the following three categories:

 1, overly long, and transfinite set of goods. Super long goods is refers to a pieces goods of length, over to shipment of flat car of length, need using tour car or across loaded and has not super limited of goods; set heavy goods is refers to a pieces goods loading Hou, its weight not uniform to distribution in vehicles of floor Shang, but concentrated in floor of a small Shang of goods; super limited goods is refers to a pieces goods loading Hou, vehicles in straight of line Shang stay Shi, goods of height and width has any part over locomotive vehicles gauge of, or truck via RADIUS for 300 meters of railway line curve Shi, Calculating the width of the inside or outside of the goods more than rolling stock gauge, as well as of goods exceeding loading gauge of specific sections.

 2, transport of dangerous goods. Where explosive, flammable, poisonous, corrosive and radioactive characteristics, in the process of transportation, handling and storage storage, likely to cause personal injury, death and property damage, and require refrigeration, insulation, ventilation, water heating, and other special measures to prevent decay or disabled the cargo of death.  

 3, fresh goods. Fresh and live goods perishable goods and live animals are divided into two categories; shipper of fresh perishables must be quality, disease-free people, can ensure the safety of freight transport packaging, vehicles and loading methods used to adapt to the nature of the goods, and if necessary, take measures such as cold, with ice, water, and escort, in order to ensure the quality of the goods in good condition.

  how the transit period of rail freight is calculated?

  of the transit period of the goods from the carrier and cargo the next day, calculated according to the following provisions:

  (1) shipments are sent during the 1st.

  (2) during the carriage of goods: km/250 tariff or under it as 1st express handling carload every 500 freight kilometres or its age as on 1st.

  (3) special working time:

  served with intermediate goods with ice, ice time, plus 1st.

  rates more than 250 tariff kilometres of less-than-carload goods and 1 tons and 5 tons of container cargo,

  plus a 2nd over 1000 km plus 3rd.

  cargo weighing more than 2 tons, volume more than 3 cubic metres or a length exceeding 9 metres of less-than-carload goods and dangerous goods of less-than-truckload plus 2nd.

  (4)-vehicle goods each additional unloading station, plus a 1st.

  (5), Mi Guijian through transport of carload, plus 1st. Goods are shipped to the term, a minimum number of days for 3rd.  

  freight transport escort, escort people "know" what?

  (1) live animals, need water transport of fresh plants, firing heat transport of goods shipped, hanging of locomotives and rail cranes and special provision should escort the person's goods, the consignor must send people. Number of escort, except for those specific things, each batch should not exceed 2.

  (2) escort who "know" include the following:

 a, escort should be familiar with the charge characteristics of goods, is responsible for the delay of the goods safe. Shall not be absent without leave, are not allowed to take vehicles without a conductor or station permit.

 b, travel security note. Cross the line to one, two, three stop by, not jumping, drilling of a taxi, or in train, climb or jump when moving vehicles. No electrocute truck planted shade shelter, not pedal car and leaned out, no trucks or cargo duo high places sit, walk or travel, also allowed easier movement of goods between rides. By rail electrification, to prevent electric shock.

 c, prohibiting the carrying of dangerous goods, are not allowed to smoke in the truck, the fire (escort required firing heat transport of goods), violations result in negative financial or legal responsibility for the consequences.  

 d, discovery, endanger the safety of goods, people and vehicles, and to immediately notify the motormen, station.

  plan the goods transport types are there?

  goods transport planning is relevant in respect of the arrangements concerning the carriage of goods. Is between the shipper and the carrier relating to a shipment contract.

  types are:

  (1) prepared in accordance with its terms can be divided into long-term plan, annual and monthly meter change;  

  (2) can be classified by their mode of transport vehicles, three less-than-truckload and container;

  (3) cargo organization daily work requirements, can be divided into monthly and daily schedule.

  monthly planning how to prepare?

  (1) in order to facilitate the station computer in time, the owner should be the 11th carload transport service order before submitting the railway stations, networking, and owner of railway computer network digital transport railway station should be on  14 day of the month. To restrict the program, the railway Bureau as requested by the railway company, after first focused on general principles.

  (2) content of the monthly plan, railway station on feedback to the network before the 23rd of the month.

  plans to approve?

  of railway freight transport daily plan is complementary to the plan the goods transport of the month. Plan the date of filing of the shipper, to fill out the vehicle cargo transport services submit two copies of the order to the station. For non-restricted plans, the owner directly on the intranet site, timely approval by computer. Limited plans and transport capacity, the transport policy programme, handed down by the Railway Administration plans, railway stations by microcomputer control for approval. Plan approval in a timely manner on the railway at any time. And at the end of every month 3 day approval times months in advance of the Japanese plan.

  vehicle, and the less-than-carload, container how to submit?

  (l) where transport by rail carload transport plans reported by the shipper. The shipper should complete two copies of orders for goods transport services, every table filled in a station, a category and the same railway station. The shipper with the railway network, could not fill orders over the network directly to the railway station.

  (2) less-than-carload goods, shippers transport service order may at any time submit to the station, the station accepted and signed in a timely manner.

  (3) transport container goods, shippers go to railway container handling stations, transportation service orders, reporting plan, container program shipped with the batch with.

  car (car) plan is based on what?

  approved monthly plan the goods transport and shipper of goods consignment note, is the basis of Japanese cars. Loading of goods in the stand, principles must all be pulled into out side the location before the day car plan. But confirmed by both shippers and the station, at 18 o'clock on the day before the full stop of the goods and all pit stops before loading the perishable goods can submit to plan.

  lane loading cargo, a continuous production, days before the actual production of Sinotrans based, refer to loading stock, expected production and loading machinery, labor and other factors, the shipper and the railway both sides negotiate day car programme.

  change how to submit?

  shipper to apply for alteration plan change schedule should be completed in three copies, only allow changes at the station, the name of the consignee and the same category of goods, the new station must reach the Council and original way to arrive is the original, not into another difficult section.

  plans allow changes only once, the focus of daily transportation plan and issued by the Ministry of planning, centralized management of the material may not be changed, non-centralized management of the material shall not be changed for the centralized management of the material.

  which the goods must be in the whole truck?

  consignment weight, volume or shape needs to be more trucking, vehicle shipping. Need refrigerated, and insulation or heating transport of goods; provides limited by whole car handle of dangerous goods; easily pollution other goods of filthy products (for example not after disinfection processing or not using sealed not leak packaging of sacrifice bone, and wet fur, and stool, and carbon black  ,); bee; easily calculation pieces number of goods; not loaded container of activities real (railway provides of tube can by LTL transport of except); station no lifting capacity, and a goods weight over 2 tons, volume over 3 cubic metres or long   More than 9 metres of cargo must be the entire truck.

  what is a container? What are the advantages of container transport? What is the container "door to door" transportation?

  (1) container loads, joint by one or more means of transport, cargo transport, container transport.

  (2) shippers can reduce or waive the packing, ensure the integrity and security of freight transport, reducing transportation and "door to door" service. Insofar as rail transport is concerned the implementation of "four priorities" policy, namely the priority plans and priority carriage, priority, priority Hung yun, an empty priority.

  (3) in the shipper's loading dock, loading the goods into the container through the various modes of transport, transport of containers shipped directly to a consignee destination of discharge, called container "door to door" delivery.

  container transport by rail in several categories?

  press-box: l ton box, 5 ton box, 6 ton box, 10 ton container, 2O feet container, 40-foot box. &Nbsp;20 feet above the large container.

  press box to the main point: railway containers, bring your own containers.

  by type: General purpose containers, special containers.

  cannot use the generic container shipment there are several?

  (l) ease of pollution and corrosion of case goods;

  (2) Cabinet easy to damage the goods;

  (3) fresh and live goods (determined by the railway company, in certain seasons and certain areas of nonperishable goods);

  (4) dangerous goods (except as otherwise provided).

  how to handle container shipment?

  to a railway container handling stations operating window transportation services order, declared plan program shipped with the newspaper with the container. Fill in cargo waybill remember full name and weight of the goods. As proof of required transport of goods shall be accompanied by Guan Zhengming file.

  purchase. Specifies the date the goods according to the station pit boxes. Container transport of cargo loading in two different ways:

  ① arranged according to owner claims the station empty boxes to the owner to specify packing; II the owner dragging the goods into the station yard, packing, packing stations for all and cargo waybill stamped with the date stamp carriers, the rail carrier started.

  delivery. After containers arrive at destination, consignee, by shipping documents or valid documents to receive containers, shippers have two ways to choose:

  ① at the station goods yard dig boxes;

  II containers moved back out the box.

  what is called "five sets" train?

  fixed (fixed loading station and unloaded at the station), alignment (running the wire), train (train time fixed), time (sent to time invariant), price (full price fixed for transport), applicable to the vehicle, container, consignment is completed with rail freight transportation services order.

  bulk cargo through trains what are the characteristics?

  fixed hair, bulk cargo through trains at the station, fixed, consignee, fixed running lines and trains, fixed transportation costs of organizational approach. Apart from the fixed shipping cost plus other fees is strictly prohibited. The opening of the train line, the consignee and the railway company by volume of goods signed "orders for medium-and long-term railway services", a clear economic interests, responsibilities, and relationships between the three.

  what is the procedure of calculating freight costs?

  (1) according to the freight of the odometer start station to freight mileage.

  (2) according to the cargo air waybill fill name lookup "carriage of goods by rail

classification and code tables "of the railway freight transport product checklists and determine the applicable tariff number.

  (3) vehicle, and the less-than-carload goods according to the tariff applied to the goods, containerized cargo according to the box, refrigerated goods vehicles respectively in "freight rate" found in the applicable base price and run to the base price.

  (4) are applicable to the base price and by the railway freight transport rules to determine billable weight (container for cases) multiplied by calculation to freight; run the base price and freight mileage multiplied by the volume of the goods according to the railway freight transport rules to determine billable weight (container for cases) multiplied by the calculated run freight.

  (5) miscellaneous fees calculated according to the provision of the railway freight transport rules.

  freight billable weight is determined?

  freight billable weight vehicle with tons of cargo units, tons the following rounds; less-than-carload goods per 10 kilograms, less than 10 kilograms of 10 kilograms; units of container cargo in boxes.

  overrun when calculating shipping costs what are the provisions for transport?

  transport overrun when station overrun level of goods should be noted in the goods consignment note description of goods column, charging by the following provisions:

  (1) levels exceeding limits cargo: according to tariff rate plus 50%;

  (2) a secondary overload goods: according to tariff rate plus 100%;

  (3) super super limited goods: according to tariff rate plus 150%;

  (4) the need for speed limit runs (solely by bridges, tunnels, inbound and outbound lines running speed limit) of the goods, charging by the tariff rate plus 150%.

  goods freight what provisions?

  fast shipping of goods, according to "freight rate" tariff rate for the goods under 30% to calculate the nuclear charge.

  sidings send fares how to calculate mileage?

  calculate the miles of sidings into the fare, the station Center starting line, the longest line terminal to transfer stations or sidings, roundtrip mileage totals, pickup at no extra charge.