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How to avoid the risk of air transport of goods?

1. cover the air transport of goods insurance

         in order to avoid the risk of air transport of the goods, avoid more enjoy exemption or limitation of liability of the carrier that will bring the destruction, loss, damage caused by loss of access to compensation in full, check authorized cargo covering air transportation risks. If the shipper has the goods insured the insured amount not less than the value of the goods for transport air transport insurance, the insurance company will vary according to the actual loss experience, due to reasons stipulated in insurance contract with respect to insurance losses, to get rich not exceeds the insured amount of the compensation to the beneficiary. Then, by the insurance company to recover the carrier.

2. for value-insured transportation procedures

         in the case of compensation for losses shall be borne by the carrier of the goods to make full reparation for loss of value of the goods, shippers of goods can be checked for the value-insured transportation procedures. That in delivery goods Shi on goods in destination points delivered Shi of interests (including goods in shipment locations of actual value and arrived destination points delivered consignee Shi of period to interests), to carrier made special statement, and in aviation shipped but "for transport using of statement value" bar in the indicate statement of amount, and paid provides of statement value additional fee, to makes statement value additional fee, to makes statement value or became checked people and carrier special agreed of compensation responsibility amount. Once the goods shall be borne by the carrier responsible destruction, loss, damage or delay, the carrier will be based on actual loss experience, beyond the limit of liability of the shipper declared value shall be full compensation.