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China Railway Express customer baggage-express transport terms and conditions

, Railway express company carrying out "not only customer satisfaction, let users move" marketing purposes, to provide customers with professional, safe, fast, on time, convenient, economical, fast and high quality, efficient transportation services. By Center for Railway Express express express shipped express mail and goods, means recognizing Railway Express in terms of transport. This clause signed and confirmed by shippers, shippers and Railway Express in legally binding. Signed this article himself, from both parties confirmed at the time of entry into force. Railway Express waybill must not change and transfer of the consignment note, confirmed the shipment waybill by railway express courier or its designated carrier for the shipper to provide and prepare, shipper guarantees under transport Express is the owner of the goods or all the of its agents. When the shipper the goods owner or fill in the waybill in the name of the agent and signed after the signature, constitutes acceptance of and compliance with Railway Express in express terms, and are subject to legal protection.

Second, the "Centre for Railway Express express commitment to service" to commit to deadlines to the sender actually sent the message date and mailing zip code as a starting point, to send postal mail's date end and sent to postal code is calculated. Therefore, send promise service messages must provide the correct address of the recipient (except Hong Kong);

1. Commitment service applies only to the specified range of operational start-up.

★ the following, my Department does not assume commitment service message missed the time limit of liability:

 2. sender's location is not specified in EMS in the form fill in the recipient's postal code (except Hong Kong);

 3. the sender provides the recipient's postal code is not in the scope of commitments within the recipient addresses, zip codes and other information is incomplete or incorrect;

 4. the recipient or no such person caused by the recipient to reject message could not be delivered;

 5. due to customs or similar competent authorities caused a message cannot be delivered in a timely manner;

 6. due to war, natural disasters and other force majeure causes a message cannot be delivered in a timely manner.

 7. shipping confirmation: iron Dragon Express Logistics Center of logistics in the power to waive or rejection should not be shipped using express shipping, people consciously or unconsciously hiding the name and value of the goods, state laws and regulations prohibit carrying, mailing, transportation of goods. Railway Express Express is not responsible for shipper or his agent fails to comply with the relevant legal regulations and regulations arising from the shipment of claims and not be by railway express courier costs.

 8, shipper confirmations: Railway Express, express shipped to persons caused by improper packing, an unknown consignee address, contact telephone number errors, undeclared special cargo shall not bear responsibility for delivery delays, broken or missing.

 9, shipper confirmations: to bear all costs and expenses relating to the shipment, including payment of goods shipped are refunded the fees and waiting periods of warehousing costs, shall not be any reason to refuse to pay such costs.

third, the right of inspection of the goods

  Railway Express, courier has the right to open the package in the identification of any carriage of goods (but not the obligation), shall not be subject to any restrictions, shippers concealed or false quantity, weight, resulting in miscalculation of the cost of carriage, Railway Express, courier has the right to ship additional shipping.

four, exempt responsibilities:

    railway express courier in accordance with normal dispatch procedures to provide a high quality of service, in compliance with the law and under the conditions stipulated in the contract for transport. Due to the following reasons for loss, shortage, deterioration, pollution, damage, incorrect delivery or delivery of less than, and so on, Railway Express, Express is not responsible for:

 1, due to shipper or consignee's own fault and railway express authority other than express reset, check the goods;

 2, the nature of the goods themselves cause deterioration or original inherent flaws and defects of the goods;

 3, electronics, photographic images or any form of disk by electromagnetic damaged, deleted, or other forms of destruction;

 4, reasonable loss of goods.

v, Centre for railway express freight does not carry the following items shipped, intentionally or accidentally checked following items, China Railway Express Center Express is not responsible for:

 1, cash, VAT invoices, bills, blank checks and other negotiable securities;

 2, silver, jewelry, calligraphy and other valuables;

 3, dangerous drugs, pornographic videos and printed materials;

 4, flammable, explosive, easy to corrosion, leaks and other dangerous goods;

 5, knives and other deadly or indirectly injurious weapons, and;

 6, reactionary propaganda and State regulations prohibited articles and iron Dragon Express Logistics Center of logistics in view on the value of nature and is not suitable for collection and transportation of goods.

six, claims:

 1, any claim shall, within 15 days of receipt of the goods by the delivery person, and in writing notify the railway express courier company, taking out the end of fill in the shipment air waybill original (sender retained) and the incurred costs of all transport in the transport of goods under the single original invoices or receipts. Exceeds this limit, in principle, be allowed to railway express courier to the claim. Any amount claimed should be prohibited for Railway Express delivery company in the freight deduction.

 2 compensation, without affirming the insurance value of goods

  during transport in case of loss of the goods, compensation standards of the postal Act, the Civil Aviation Act and the relevant provisions of railway express courier.

 3 compensation, affirming the insurance value of goods

  (1) party to undertake the second party goods, goods damaged during shipping, by party b pays the insurance premium of the shipment, delivery damage single issued by the company, the recipient, and provide written proof of text, images, the shipment by party 100%.

  (2) premium payment: confirmed by the a and b agree, party at 2% premium, paid by monthly premiums. According to insurance compensation to the value of 100%. Peak value RMB 20,000 yuan per ticket. The section for the relevant provisions of the Insurance Act.

  (3) shippers must be in my company waybills "value", "price" column indicating the amount on, shipper sign the waybill, the policy was established. Premium monthly monthly with freight. Conversely, no stated on the consignment note "the insurance charge" amount, then the policy is invalid. If the Party caused the damage or loss of the goods carried, and related compensation in accordance with the provisions of this section fifth criteria for compensation.

seven, insurance:

 1, and on the premise of customer requirements and has received insurance, Railway Express, express will be insured on behalf of clients.

 A, local goods 5000 Yuan maximum sum insured;

 B not more than 10000 Yuan, domestic cargo insurance;

 C no more than 20000 Yuan, international cargo insurance;

 D, city of the goods insured fee is 2%; domestic cargo insurance fee rate is 2%; international cargo insurance charge rate of 2%;

 2, shippers to identify snow referred to the Railway Express express carrier of goods in transport insurance. Insured by the shipper railway express courier or delegates to handle on their own. Shippers are not insured or insured has appointed a railway express courier, in a freight transport off the accident or other loss caused by damaged goods, agreed the article fifth standard payouts.

 3 and the request of the shipper, and on the premise of insurance had been received, Railway Express, express shippers to provide insured services in accordance with the Declaration and agreed on the value of rates of insurance.

 4, high insurance, railway express courier upon receipt of the premiums in the premise of shippers for insurance, coverage under the insurance policy issued by the insurance company's terms shall prevail.

 5, indirect damages or losses due to delays is not in coverage.

 6, fragile, liquid and other easily damaged items not covered by the insurance.