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Introduction to freight insurance

First, major types  

1, waterways, railways, highways, aviation and intermodal transport insurance;  

2, parcel post insurance;  

3, dangerous goods transportation insurance;  

4, parcel shipping insurance;  

Second, insurance  

cargo insurance terms, subject to the voyage, and press the "warehouse to warehouse" provisions apply.  

third, the insurance liability  

waterway, highway and railway transport insurance is divided into basic insurance and comprehensive insurance liabilities in two, other transport insurance liability determined in the special, and be bound by the terms.  

  four, exclusions;

all of the defects in the goods themselves, or the nature of insurance losses, poor packing,   by wilful act or negligence of the insured;

five, cover  

1, domestic cargo transportation insurance, must go to the insurance company or an insurance agent Office for processing. Only insurance companies integrated presentation of special cargo transportation insurance policy is a valid certificate of insurance. Otherwise, the damage will not be compensated by the insurance company for.  

2, where cargo transportation insurance policy issued by the insurance agency are encoding into the insurance companies computer center, customers can query policy through application for phone insured system is a valid voucher (direct agent of insurance except railway station and airlines).  

3, loading prior to shipment of the goods must be insured and provides a one-time payment of premium. Where a shipment of goods will not be allowed to increase or decrease amount or surrender.  

4, the amount of insurance may be calculated according to the price or cost and freight and miscellaneous charges, instructions in full out, otherwise the goods within the scope of insurance losses, the insurance company will be proportional to the provisions for compensation.  

six, how to report, processing of claims  

1, when the goods are subject to insurance coverage of losses, insured by policy within the 48-hour accident insurance companies, applying for and in conjunction with the inspection of the damaged goods, and actively organize rescue, reducing cargo losses.  

2, when applying for compensation for the insured shall provide the insurer with the insurance policy, certificate of accident, the original transport documents and compensation-related information.  

3, if the loss is caused by the carrier or third parties, according to the law and relevant regulations, should be made by the carrier, or other third party is liable for part or all of the insured should first claim against the carrier or other third party. The formalities had been completed, if requested by the insured, the insurer can also qualify for compensation, but it should be issued a letter of transfer of the insured to the insurer, and assist the insurer to recourse against the responsible party.