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International railway goods transport ABC

The scope of international goods transport by rail

 1, with participation in International Union did not participate in the international freight forwarding Association but in international freight forwarding Association provides freight rail, railway station with a transport ticket is responsible for delivery to the final station is delivered to the consignee.

 2, did not participate in the international freight forwarding co freight railways, shippers sends road transport Bill handled by international freight forwarding Association to participate in the international freight forwarding Association the last transit road, exit Border station, from the station or the consignee, commissioned by the consignor of the collection transferred to the trans-shipment to the final station.

 3 freight, through the port of transit railway station. From the countries participating in the international freight forwarding Association railway, through participation in the international freight forwarding Association of transit railway ports, to other countries (irrespective of whether the railways in these countries to participate in international freight forwarding Association) or when transported in the opposite direction, transport bills can only be handled by international freight forwarders Association-transit railway port station or from the standing start, sent by the port stations charge to transfer.

  II. International railway goods transport category

  international railway goods transport category divided into vehicles, less-than-truckload and large-tonnage containers.

  (1) vehicle. Refers to a consignment by consignment note according to their size or kind of separate vehicles for transportation of goods.

  (2), less-than-truckload. Refers to a copy of the waybill, consignment goods, weighing not more than 5000 kg, by volume or type does not require a separate vehicles for transportation of goods. Unless otherwise agreed between the railway condition, also can not apply the provisions of international freight forwarding co-integration and less-than-truckload freight.

  (3) large-tonnage containers. Means a consignment by consignment, with tons of large-tonnage containers of goods shipping containers or empty.

  III. International goods transport by rail transport limited

  (1) in the international railway through freight transport, the following goods are not allowed to transport:

  ① shall participate in the railway transport of any countries ban transport of goods;

  II belongs to the States participating in the delivery of one or more of the railway postal articles;

  ③ bombs, ammunition and firearms (except for hunting and sports);

  II explosives, compressed gases, liquefied or dissolved under pressure gases, combustion products and radioactive material (refer to annex 2nd international freight forwarding Association, in annex 1 of 1, 3, 4, 10, not contained in the table);

  II with a weight less than 10 kg, and smaller than 0.1 cubic meters of LCL cargoes;

  f dress up combined transport cannot uncover boxcars are used in transporting a piece weighing more than 1. 5 tonnes of cargo;

  sadly facelift gondola car vehicles used in the transport conveyance of a weight less than 100 kg in less-than-truckload freight, but this provision shall not apply to annex 2nd, the transport of dangerous goods provided for in the rules of a maximum weight of less than 100 kilograms of cargo.

  (2), the following goods, only if agreed in advance between the participation in railway transport until delivery.

  ① one piece weighed more than 60 tons and dress up in transit, Viet Nam weighing more than 20 tons;

  II of more than 18 metres in length and destined for Viet Nam more than 12 m in length;

  ③ overload;

  II facelift used special flat car transporting the shipment;

  II dress up using special tanker shipment of chemical goods in transit;

  f equipment destined for Viet Nam all the canned goods.

  (3) the delivery of the following goods must be handled according to special regulations:

  ① hazardous goods;

  II escort people of goods;

  ③ perishable goods;

  II of containerized cargo;

  II pallet;

  f rental space, not belonging to the railway or railway car;

  sadly bundle the goods.