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Before the baggage, the shipper should understand what matters?

Baggage is a shipper to the first operation of railway transport formalities. Tens of thousands of goods by rail, properties, shape and weight of these goods, in varying amounts, the required transport conditions require different, in order to complete the complicated process of transport, freight must be tailored nature of the goods, transport purposes, go through the kinds of modes of transport in order to enhance the operation of organizations, ensure the quality of freight transport. Therefore, prior to shipping in consignments, must know something about the goods, the consignment had been prepared to accommodate Railway Department freight and shipping work to lay the Foundation for itself.

before the shipment to the shipper should understand the following preparations:

(1) in order to see which mode of transport the shipment will be transported;

(2) in order to see which transport the shipment should be kind to handle;

(3) the need not to need to know the goods according to special conditions;

(4) in order to see which stations the shipment by shipment, to which station receipts;

(5) to know whether transit time of goods to meet its own requirements;

(6) to learn whether or not the goods are transportation limits and what do you need documents, these documents can be prepared;

(7) must understand railway to the packaged goods regulations and requirements, these requirements can have;

(8) to learn about the shipment if you need to declare in advance plans or with the entrusted with receipt;

(9) in order to know how much the shipment needs to transport costs, these costs can be accepted.