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New chart effects of implementation of the 10-day show

In early July, the full road transport the cadres and workers to work together, successful completion of the adjustment on the task, to achieve a "secure, stable and orderly" of alternate targets. The railway company in accordance with the Ministry's overall plan to ensure security and order at the core, further practise adjustment on implementation, ensuring smooth transition for new and old alternate, since the implementation of the new Figure 10 days, effects appear.  

     through this adjustment, railway passenger and cargo transport capacity has been further strengthened. As regards passenger traffic, implementation of the new plan for 10 days, national railroad day send visitors 5.985 million, an increase of 805,000 people, an increase of 15.5%. Urumqi railway Bureau and the Guangzhou Railway (Group) company the largest increase, respectively, 43.4% and 34.8%, Nanchang, Nanning railway Bureau increase over 20%. Freight transport, national railroad day send 10.526 million tons of cargo, an increase of 648,000 tons, an increase of 6.6%. The Guangzhou Railway Group, XI ' an, Shanghai and Wuhan, Nanchang and Beijing railway Bureau increase over 10%.

for ensure new figure smooth implementation, the railway full reference previous adjustable figure especially this year early adjustable figure of success experience, seriously analysis the adjustable figure of changes, on involved changes of each a trip passenger train by column developed alternating programme, itemized check check, constantly refinement and perfect make road change, and vehicles arrangements, and based data modified, and personnel organization and security control, clear task, implementation responsibility. This adjustment, involving a total of 180 of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train, train Regulation 81 of existing lines, the summer opening bus 84, involves changing trains at 1211 column changes involved points to 4,898. New and old alternating during the national railway passenger car has high punctuality.

new and old alternating during the railways and the railway company have set up a leading group and implementation of the overall guidance and organization of the new figure. Each professional Department offices, setting up a joint office, Ministry of transport schedule Department, Business Department, equipment Department, base 10 departments informed of new and old alternating every day and deal with all kinds of problems.

railway with seasonal safety such as flood control and heatstroke, lightning, focusing on culvert and rolling stock, track and bridge and tunnel traffic signals, traction power supply system main equipment and facilities, such as conducting a comprehensive investigation regulation to ensure the main equipment in good condition new old alternate. Alternating during the road safety to maintain basic stability without adjustment work are not in place cause major security problems.