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To do a good job in flood control and management to ensure road safety

In May, the hot weather and rain increasing, since the construction task is still heavy, pose great challenges for railway traffic. Main leaders of each railway company added overall do a good job in flood control work, strengthen the management of construction, to find hidden trouble treatment in a timely manner to ensure railway operation safety.

in May, all 18 railway   (the company) main leaders were added by locomotive 240 times, find various hidden more than 450 or more.

to ensure safety, sure Song Xiude, the Secretary of Harbin Railway Administration in a temperature-time encryption added by number, strictly implement the road safety in the flood season control measures, requiring locomotive  strengthen the way Wang and emergency response, ensuring that equipment is under control. Wuhan railway Secretary Yu Zhuomin insisted   "Yuqian caught prevention, and rain in the row danger, and rain Hou except hidden", deployment in global range within carried out flood control hidden troubleshooting regulation activities, especially on gutter, and high embankment, and deep cutting, and tunnel import and export, easy occurred water lots for full cover check, on along all mountain rock, and dangerous tree dangerous rod for Division type check, package insurance to people. Guangzhou   (Group) company party Secretary Xu Xiaoming uncovered in the ditch weed in the add is not cleared, immediately order the relevant units for the rectification, requiring works departments under the heavy rain to enhance rainfall monitoring, key areas unattended packages and cadres on duty, completely clear the ditch plugs.

in May, the wide range of road construction task is very heavy. Tim Wu Xun, Party Secretary of the Shenyang Railway Administration under construction found in security risks, requirements and related units, sector strengthening construction supervision and management, comprehensive investigation tube construction jobs, while increasing the construction and protection of personnel and education, guide the cadres and workers attached great importance to security of the person. Taiyuan railway Bureau Director Yang Shaoqing leading first-line depth, to the South with the Po, the Houma-yueshan line construction inspection, guidance, and organized transportation, passenger, crew and other departments to ensure that buses running on schedule during the construction of approaches and measures, deployment scheduling departments for load adjustment, traffic detours and other measures to ensure that the South and the Po, the Houma-yueshan line open, minimize the construction impact on transport.