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World's largest span closure of the double-track railway cable-stayed bridge

Zhong guangwang Chongqing, June 27 (Xinhua   Zhan Liu) as Yu-Li railway span of control engineering of the world's largest two-Han Jia Tuo railway cable-stayed bridge was closed yesterday, six months earlier than planned. The entire bridge is expected to be completed in September.

     Han Jia Tuo Yu-Li railway Yangtze River Bridge is the most representative one of the three important bridges, nearly 1.2 km in length, all-steel construction, bridge of 432 metres, the tower is 180 meters high. Is completed, it will become the largest span of double-track railway cable-stayed bridge in the world.

     It is understood that the Yu-Li railway is an important part of Hu-Han-Yung passenger corridor, located in China's Central and Western regions combined, West of Yubei District, Fengdu County, Fuling district, East way, changshou district Jiangbei district, shizhu County and ends in lichuan city, Hubei Province, lines with a total length of 264 km. After 2013, Yu Li railway passenger train from Chongqing to Wuhan, only 7-8 hours, is currently half of the hours of operation of the railway.

     It is understood that, with Lee on the railway in Chongqing, and is the tallest railway bridge high Pier in the world of CAI Jia Gou bridge will be around February next year of closure.

     according to the Bcc network, Chongqing times reported