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Special prevention efforts to promoting the construction of railway projects

The procuratorial daily news (reporter Zhou Yiming   correspondent Dong Aixiao   Mennonite Hospital set) on June 22, the GUI-Guang railway construction special prevention work Conference held in Guiyang. Meeting Exchange GUI-Guang railway construction experience in preventing job-related crimes, fully affirmed the "early and strict collection, fine," as the main feature of preventing job-related crimes in the field of railway engineering construction "GUI-Guang mode." Early Deputy Attorney-General of the Supreme People's Procuratorate Jiang Jian, Guizhou Provincial Committee, Secretary of the discipline Inspection Commission Song Xuantao attended the meeting and made a speech.

     Jiang Jianchu said, Chengdu, Nanning and Guangzhou iron bodies GUI-Guang railway construction to prevent job-related crimes, and has gained good experience. Iron bodies at all levels should consider its own practical work, constantly sum up new experience, develop new experiences. Which most key of, is to accurate grasp prosecutorial organ of functions positioning and work point, caught railway construction of important parts and key link, put prevention work and handling case organic combined up, in railway units and the all parameter built units of close tie Xia, full play prosecutorial functions role, ensure railway engineering construction cadres clean, and management specification, and funds security, and engineering quality four a target of achieved.

     Jiang Jianchu stressed that the current iron check management system reform has come to a critical stage, all localities should vigorously promote the reform and transfer of the iron works, and ensure timely completion of reforms.

     meeting, the Chengdu Railway Administration, GUI-Guang railway company, Chengdu, Nanning, Guangzhou Railway transportation prosecution branch and Guizhou-Guangdong railway design, consulting, construction, supervision and representatives for the exchange of experience on the floor and. Participants to the GUI-Guang railway your custom beam the scene to observe the standardized management, heard the project leader report production management and prevention work.