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Yunnan science and technology innovation of railway construction problems

Hard road more difficult. When the people of Yunnan, there is an urgent need to construct a smooth, convenient international channel development and economic and cultural cooperation of the countries of South-East Asia, South Asia communication, we deeply feel the Yunnan railway construction difficult.

     hard   across the high mountains and deep valleys

     "is located in the Highland mountains, Yunnan, high mountains and deep valleys, through railway line is in the high mountains, needs every hole, water and bridges. 14 projects currently under construction in the province, bridge and tunnel than the average 70.4%. Meanwhile, Yunling plateau very complex geological conditions, with high intensity, high stress, high thermal properties. Active on the line outside the new tectonic movement, active in the dynamic conditions, active and natural water environments, as well as active slope of superficial modification of properties. These factors constitute a railway construction in Yunnan's biggest stumbling block. "Lift the Yunnan railway construction hard, Kunming railway Bureau Deputy Director, cloud, General Manager of Yunnan, Guangxi railway users with deep feeling.

     Yunnan set off mass railway construction climax yilai, general parameter built who to challenge limit, and Yong create first-class of tenacious struggle spirit, relies on technology innovation and technology progress, once and once success through free number article underground river, countless a Highland stress, and high intensity area, overcome has big deformation, and big Chung water, adverse conditions, beat has number not clear of geological disaster and Spider-man brings of dangerous. With the wisdom and courage, moved out of the "Tiger", was extended forward by steel 1.1-meter Avenue m, built a railway to build a new monument.

     "Yunnan railway line will become self-reliant and independent innovation of science and technology lines. In the construction of many technology solutions in the exploration of, each step is tough, full of builders of blood and sweat. "Construction and Management Department of Kunming railway administration officials said.

     innovation   the construction of "three show a large"

     refers to "three show a large", participation in the Yunnan railway construction construction people almost nobody knows. "Third show" refers to the mountain of jade Mongolian railway tunnel Xiu Ning, Guangzhou-Kunming railway tunnel, show the big red railway tunnel, "a" refers to the big red the pillars of the railway tunnel. 4 tunnels known as railway construction in China's "very high risk tunnels", construction safety risk is great, works progress extremely difficult.

     interview with reporter Guang Xiu Ning-Kunming railway tunnel, is responsible for the construction of 16 Bureau of the second project Deputy Director Zhang Yihua told reporters: "building a tunnel afraid of water, mud, geological catastrophe, but encounter the worst like Xiu Ning tunnel geological conditions was the first time. ”

     show Ning tunnel, this national mountain railway only reached VI level dangerous rock (worst geological) of tunnel, through to roots-yimen fault for representative of 8 article fault, geological conditions in the has rock dissolved, and fracture broken with, and gas and the harmful gas, and soft rock big deformation, and Highland stress, and radioactive and the high geothermal,, also will Xia wear library capacity for 120,000 cubic metres of Longtan reservoir.

     Xiu Ning after the tunnel project began in 2007, was once the water reached 140,000 cubic metres of water, repeated collapse breccia stone. Sometimes, each promoting geological catastrophe will happen in a few meters, you need to adjust the construction programme.

     faced difficulties in construction, 16 Bureau of innovation in construction, innovation in construction. Vice Minister of railways Lu Chunfang repeatedly led the engineering and technical experts to survey, design science, optimize construction scheme.

     engineering command active fault breccia of the excavation method with the Beijing Jiaotong University study and determination of support parameters of the research on wear reservoir scheme in close, the rich water fault-Karst tunnel excavation in the area of research of the long-distance, high lift shaft reverse slope drainage programme for research cooperation, and successfully applied to construction. Geological forecasting in construction unit to strengthen, adopt international advanced TSP203 geophysical instruments, ground penetrating radar, infrared water meter penetrating advanced detection technology, to ensure safety and accuracy. Meanwhile, investments of more than 9 million Yuan to bring Italy C6 high performance drilling machine, and 312 automatic ballast scarifier, automatic concrete spraying robots and other advanced equipment used in construction, and mass technological innovation activities, adjusting the construction programme and process parameters. Engineers explored the "three-step and seven-step work method", a three-shift cyclic operation, implementation of full-face drilling and Grouting construction method, no Studio construction method of tube awning construction and other advanced technology, solves two major problems of ventilation and drainage, received good results.

     interview at the Jade Mountain tunnel on Mongolia railway site, journalists feel the builders 6 years "grinding" their hardships and difficulties encountered by the hole. Bear in tunnel construction project Department Secretary Lin Jinxiang iron five jade Mongolian said: "wet, heat, dust, water, environment often makes poor ventilation of the tunnel; water, sand, stone, mud inrush inrush, karst fissures let persons in danger at any time. In response to the technical difficulty and risk, for 6 years, we continue to design, research, equipment, management of joint research, explored ' exploration  ', ' prevention ', ' around the risks ', ' adjustment process ' 12 construction techniques ensure engineering safety, construction safety, manage security. ”

     reporter learned that, at present, the construction of mountain tunnel through the mud, is fault and Wu Li Jing to the core of the oblique, safe orderly and controllable. Full cross section of Xiu Ning tunnel curtain Grouting by VI-grade surrounding rock section, Grouting works well, construction progressed steadily. Pillar mountain tunnel through repeated exploration summary, are in accordance with the "horizontal Jet Grouting with pipe roof + +" construction programmes and one-time decking pressure of controlling cement Grouting of the original horizontal Rotary Jet Grouting reinforcement of weak areas, the swallows ' nest fault has passed two-thirds. "Three shows a big" this tough nut to pieces, since construction has always maintained safety record.

     's first technology   erection of Lancang River Bridge

     cloud bridge in a difficult. In the Hengduan Mountains of Dali-Baoshan Alpine valleys, flowing with Lancang River, flowing south stretches on both sides of the Silk Road and the ancient tea and horse road in the mountains circling. JI-in Lancang River on the oldest bridge HongQiao upper Lancang River, is under construction in the large railway bridge. Bridge main span of 342 meters, in the largest span in the bridge of the same type. Lancang River Bridge from the water more than 200 meters, more than the equivalent of more than 70 floors high. Located in the mountains and valleys in the bridge surface wind speed is very large, up to 26 meters per second, people stand on it are likely to be blown, not to mention the fine welding, construction extremely difficult.

     design for the construction of the bridge was a vertical rotation scheme, but because of the environmental conditions for the construction of the Lancang River Bridge, which will cause Spider-man a long construction period, parts welding engineering capacity, construction of high security risks, construction quality can not be guaranteed. Unit China zhongtie major innovation in design, the paper suggests that using two vertical rotation construction technology. The programme in the mountains along the mountain installation construction and assembling the arch rib on the use of cable crane in the bracket, set pulling cable, part on arching cocked, completed half-span arch rib connections and turn down the shaft, closure. Decentralize its vertical rotation up to 2500 tons, secondary rotation scheme of steel tube arch rib height bracket installed, reducing construction risks and ensure the construction quality. At present, under the builders hard, vertical rotation post bridge has formed, marking the project entered a critical stage.

     size of the Lancang River Bridge project, new technologies, standard high, unprecedented in the history of railway bridges in China, is rare in the history of the railway bridge in the world. Construction to solve the railway bridge construction and technical problems have made outstanding contributions to the world, will load the Yunnan railway construction history.

     looking to the future, Yunnan railway construction, still a long way to go. For every steel Dragon through vast mountains, fly over the Canyon natural moat, builders will continue to overcome difficulties, a railway construction is a construction miracle frozen in Yunling mountains.