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Simulated running drills to ensure that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train high quality open

On June 20, the Shanghai Railway Bureau organized the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail emus running drills. Led by Secretary for Shanghai Long Jing, Li, Party Secretary of party and Government leadership members, Council departments responsible comrades to participate in drills, to experience high speed train services as ordinary passengers, especially recommend VIP service for high-speed train services, and the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway operations were checked, then mobilize, deploy.  

9:25 the Shanghai Bureau's leadership and participation of the whole exercise simulated passenger and checked into the station from XI ' an, Shanghai HongQiao railway station waiting room, vending machine G55102 high speed train business ticket, in accordance with the guide identifies the guidelines to the station HongQiao East second floor VIP guest experience VIP service.

9:40, they came to the wicket and through the VIP fast-track into the platform, and into the 3rd VIP cars. The platform, train crew members to highlight the gang welcome the passengers, Captain in the 9th compartment and handing over the station. Car radio and audible, to guide the visitors by car safety and order. 9:50, G55102 train started. Along the way, heads of departments experience carefully and check the customer service system, crew and VIP service for Exchange.

after the end of the walkthrough, Shanghai Bureau summary will be held in the afternoon, waiting on the ticketing organization, organization, access the reviews and summarizes the work of the organization. Proposed by the leadership, opened by simulating the operation of various departments to seize the last opportunity, to first-class standard preparations to implement and improve on the operation, ensure that the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-quality operation. Heads of departments, in accordance with the request of the railways, the Shanghai Bureau head, particular measures and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail operations to prepare, to create the brand of high-speed rail service.