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The Shanghai Railway Administration: to create a new situation for railway development in East China

  "As one of the representatives of the national advanced party, I listened at close range in the great Hall of Hu Jintao, General Secretary of celebrating an important speech on the Conference of the 90 anniversary of the founding of the CPC, was very excited. When I received certificates from the central leadership, feeling that it is not only the Central Committee awarded by the motor car use workshop honors, carries us to continue to build high speed rail drivers to pioneer the historical missions of the Fort. "July 10, expanding learning in Shanghai Railway Bureau of CPC center group meeting in Beijing attend 71 recognition introduced, trains use shop General party branch Secretary Gao Peide Shanghai locomotive depot of Beijing to accept recognition of the feelings.  

Hu Jintao, General Secretary of published 71 important statement, Shanghai Bureau issued a notice in a timely manner, for party organizations at all levels and party members, cadres and workers to study and carry out 71 important speeches to make arrangements. Meeting of CPC center group to expand learning, they come over 71 recognition and advanced grass-roots party organizations of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail opening ceremony group and outstanding party members ' personal representatives meeting, exchange gain and learning experience.

"CPC center group meeting with representatives of the advanced seminar to promote advanced typical, promoting the Shanghai Bureau of new plays an important role in the development, can further stimulate the global party member cadres and workers to study and carry out 71 important speech by General Secretary Hu Jintao's enthusiasm. "Shanghai Long Jing, the Secretary fully affirmed the 10 speaking on behalf of the experience. "71 important speech, General Secretary for the comprehensive railway development has great significance. Current period is crucial to the reform and development of Shanghai, we want to focus on transportation security, diversification, summer transportation, flood control, railway construction and other key tasks, and do solid work, with concrete actions to implement the important speech by General Secretary Hu, to initiate new situation of scientific development of our Bureau. " 

"all party members must bear in mind that the historical mission, always be modest, prudent, not arrogant, not impatient style, always maintain the style of plain living and hard struggle......" in his speech, Hu called on party members to the nation at the end. Shanghai party Secretary LI encouraged take part in group discussions of representatives hope their firm for the party and the country's struggling ideals and convictions, for the people's interest, in promoting the development of Shanghai Bureau of science better play in the running of the Communist flag and leading role. He said: "Advanced typical examples are our wealth. Council organizations at all levels to wide publicity through various forms of their deeds, inspire and guide the global party carry forward the party's fine tradition of advancing the cause of the party and drive the global staff than learning to catch up with, based on their own, top-notch. " 

participants listened to discussion of Heads of organs and departments of the major representative of CPC center group said after the leader's speech, will be between 71 and guided by the spirit of the important speech, advanced typical example, give full play to the fighting bastion role of the party organizations and the exemplary vanguard role of party members, in the work of promoting the development of railway in East China for greater progress.  

"learning to do, learning by doing and combine theory with practice, practice and development", has been a team of hard working style of the Party Committee of Shanghai, they will be the subject of scientific development has always run through the enterprises engaged in the production of the entire process. After more level full of investigation Hou, Shanghai Council clear has advance diversified business of development thought, around "insisted tapping mention effect, and implementation caught big picked up small, and with good channel capacity" concept, constantly innovation freight organization, enhanced marketing capacity; build freight brand, attract potential supply; implementation scale strategy, promote freight Shang volume; with good points line capacity, provides capacity support; optimization transport organization, achieved fine management, ensure global goods sent volume completed 254 million tons of task.

for some time, 71 important speech by General Secretary Hu Jintao again for railway development, accelerate the transformation of the development pattern to indicate the direction, also strengthened the city's determination to speed up the development. July 1 after the implementation of a new plan, Shanghai Bureau tightly seize the favorable opportunity of the existing Beijing-Shanghai line capacity release, enhance transportation organization, flow of traffic moving, continuously increase loading, unloading and delivery quality. From July 6 to 10th, global daily loading more than 11,800 vehicles.

Shanghai Council not only the scientific Outlook on development to guide the production of transport, always bear in mind the economic artery of the railway as a national responsibility. They submitted in accordance with General Secretary Hu Jintao of the Grand goal of building a well-off society, from  , "ensuring and improving people's livelihood and promote social harmony" needs, carefully grasp the transport of key materials. The high temperature in summer season, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area mainly between electricity supply and demand situation of thermal power plant, proactive visits to investigation of coal enterprises, coal for business needs in a timely manner, carefully organize transport and tilt capacity, building green coal transportation roads, plans, car, truck, hanging, unloading priorities in terms of transport, in its power to ensure power coal transport.


recently, the Directorate will also be organized in Shanghai party Committee center group focused study, an important speech on the basis of in-depth studies 71, 4 thematic discussion the question around the leading party group of the Ministry. Bureau will use the Office network, public Board, Council and other carriers, wide publicity of the spirit of the important speech by General Secretary, creating a strong atmosphere of learning.