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Ministry calls for strengthening the focus on security risk and inertia against improvement

Due to seasonal weather, the current security situation is not optimistic, anti slip, labor safety, road safety management, and vehicle sources of quality problems and hidden dangers. In this regard, the Ministry requested the railway company there can be no paralysis and slackness, stricter security measures, strengthen more than focus on safety and security of inertia problem of prevention and treatment, to ensure transport safety.

     the Ministry pointed out that the railway company to implement the provisions of administrative measures on preventing the runaway locomotive, clear post anti-slip safety responsibilities to enhance on-site examination, the formation of the full range of static and dynamic anti-slip safety, process control. To stop in the middle of the railway company to special vehicles, high lots travel vehicle reservations and stay for a long time trains increase the intensity of inspection, inspection; link line, the line separated lines in accordance with stipulations of installation equipment, it is strictly prohibited to arrange temporary arrival and shunting locomotives, vehicles.

     for current full road labor security aspects of problem and hidden, railways requirements the railway effective strengthening labor security management, strictly implementation construction and site job in the of protection avoidance car provides, strengthening control and mutual control, ensure personal security; seriously implementation electrification section labor security management measures, guarantee job personnel, and machines and catenary keep security distance, job Shi note keep return line intact, prevent shock accident of occurred.

     railways requires railway companies to increase their implementation of rules and regulations, implementing standardization inspection and evaluation efforts, vouchers, route, trains pass block, pass, full implementation of abnormal receiving and sending trains for security measures. Section of train dispatchers directly receiving and sending trains, the railway Bureau to carefully check whether measures are perfect, blocking deficiencies in a timely manner.

     situation of recent road safety accidents, the Ministry pointed out, the railway Bureau to further strengthening road safety management, strictly implement the system of guardianship of closed section patrol and crossing guards to prevent miscellaneous personnel into the fence.

     in addition, the sources to ensure quality, railways requires railway administration and strict implementation of the wheel axles of the vehicle processing, the wheel Assembly, press-fit bearings matching, wheel flaw detection technology, in particular processing, testing and assembling process card charged each other up and down must be, and the correctness of the delivery process identity is guaranteed. Inspection agencies at all levels should strengthen the directly related to traffic safety key processes and special procedure of supervision and control, ensure quality of sources.