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Railway authorities do a precaution to ensure transportation safety

After entering the summer, strong winds, heavy rain, lightning and extreme weather such as high temperature and heat increased, uncertain factors affecting railway safety and stability has increased, all road safety pressure remains high. Railways require departments to earnestly sunstroke prevention, focus on anti-line track swelling, bus air conditioning failure, station car fire accident and prevention against heat stroke   "four control" to ensure transportation safety.

     railways requirements workers works sector seriously do equipment anti-expansion of based work, full organization good line fill ballast, and stress bleeding, and buckle pieces complex tight and rail sewing adjustment work; to strengthened site construction job control, daily job in the strictly implementation   "quits, and three measuring, and four not super" provides; job in the to strictly implementation Super temperature job   "first bleeding Hou construction of principles", strengthening construction lots inspections monitoring, Abnormal handling homework time filled daozha, tamp the ballast shoulder and enhance job lot inspections to ensure anti-inflation safety.

     the Ministry pointed out that vehicles Department to passenger train and EMU air conditioning equipment using quality as an important work of the summer hot season well, strengthening the maintenance maintenance within a library, strengthen checks and ensure the quality of vehicles on the line; to further strengthen the failing emergency exercise, raise the level of fault on the way to prevent the adverse effects of air conditioning equipment trains and passenger's life and health.

     the Ministry stressed that each unit should lock the two-burner stove, flammable or explosive materials, parcel transport, people gathering places, and as a key oil depots and other parts, improved fire safety checks, to eliminate fire risks; enhanced fire safety publicity, strengthen fire-prevention responsibility, enhance awareness of cadres and workers, and improve the ability of fire emergency.