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Units of the railway to carry out various activities to commemorate the 90 anniversary of

People's Bao Beijing, July 3   (integrated messages)   "lofty mountains in the South, meandering miles of iron". A Deputy named   "Dragon Southland"   scroll of calligraphy and painting, 49.9 metre long, combines traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, seal cutting, literature and other artistic techniques, let Citroen through the ends of the Earth, the towering Nan Ling Miao miao and Dong Ting real at ease. This is Guangzhou Railway   (Group) company Federation dedicated to 90 anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party's true kindness. For some time, railway units are now conducting workshops, singing songs, photography exhibition, speech contests, and other activities to mark the 90 anniversary of the founding, all cadres and workers party patriotic enthusiasm into love love and dedication, bravery and dedication of the practice.

     Harbin Railway Administration party organizations at all levels to take workshops, thematic reports, Committee central group studied and other forms, enhance history education, further enhance the party's glory, pride and responsibility. Active in the CPC   "sing the main theme, post show, I flag luster" post practice offices every members first found and fixed a security issue in depth, a rationalization of enterprise development, serving the grass-roots masses do a good thing, according to positions, promoting the role of party members.

     Guangzhou Railway (Group) company to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the party, the party propaganda, carry out patriotic education of loving the party and a good time, orchestrated a variety of forms, full of moral learning, visits and cultural activities stimulate the enthusiasm of party jobs model as a benchmark, to mobilize workers to cherish the happy life, actively involved in the railroad business.   "Dragon Southland" paintings, made by the Guangzhou Railway Group, creative, Guangzhou Railway collective 36 railway Federation of organizations who use their spare time planning, 20 were written.

     railway in Shenyang area, 500 pieces of calligraphy art photography to show feelings of love to party. On June 27, the Shenyang railway Bureau organized   "feeling successful, to express feelings of love to party" calligraphy, fine arts, photography, enrolling a total of nearly 500 pieces of calligraphy, fine arts, photography. These works from science development, and good, and railway construction, and transport business, and security management, and   "three Ann" engineering, and fight disaster, more side, and more angle, full show has in party of right led Xia, railway reform development made of huge achievements and new style, Express has railway workers on party of unlimited loyalty, on China railway of unlimited soulful, on better life of enthusiasm Acura.

     a one-month period of Shanghai Railway Administration, 90 anniversary of the founding of the regional trade union theatrical activities carried out respectively in Xuzhou, Bengbu, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou 5 rail area. During the active participation of staff in all regions, serious rehearsal, cantatas, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, poetry readings, drama and other manifestations, highlighting local characteristics, make the Fearless Hyena over more than 50 performances, singing the Communist Party is good, socialism is good, reform and opening up is good, the great Motherland is good theme, expressing love for the motherland, the construction of railway pride and ambition.

     of Beijing railway administration "singing a great party, sing great country" red song, commemorating the 90 anniversary of the founding of CPC as the 4 major series, one of the 16 key activities. Beijing units through the Organization of cadres and workers of the Board at multiple levels, a wide range of Red song singing competition further stimulated the patriotic enthusiasm of party cadres and workers, strengthened the determination to always follow the party cadres and workers.

     "go, sing red songs! "Since June, this sentence among grassroots cadres and workers of the Nanning railway Bureau of the greeting. Dragon Mart in green city of Nanning, liuzhou, Guilin red revolutionary Bose, landscape the world ... ... Trinidad railway song echoed Ironman Ning high. Council also held a large exhibition of painting and calligraphy in Nanning held a good Conference, 67 emerged in the advanced group, 5 premium brands in the party recognize and 381 advanced individuals.