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Another important outcome of the scientific development of China railway

A giant dragon Oriental, added new North-South artery. On the occasion of national celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the CPC, world-renowned official opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway operations. Line built on the world's longest and highest standards of high speed rail, scale the biggest construction project since the founding of the first investment in China, opened a China-developed railway network, build modern comprehensive transportation system of the new page, as the party's 90 birthday present a heavy gift.

     **** as a major national strategy projects, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to. In China's most populous, the degree of urbanization of the highest and largest economy, construction of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway transport demand highly areas, is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. On April 18, 2008 all work, party and State leaders not only the Foundation for the line himself, and had made important instructions to railway work, point in the right direction for the construction of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. Opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway operation, perfect for modern transportation system, promoting economic and social development to meet the travel needs of people is of great importance.

     as fast lane of widespread concern between Beijing and Shanghai, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail carries enormous social impact. Of 1318 km Beijing-Shanghai Gao Tielian followed China's two most important cities, 1/4 per cent of the population lived along the country, GDP accounted for 40% of the country, "main" China's most active and promising areas of economic development, and its high speed, fast, high quality, first-class service, known as the "land flight." Opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway operations will help ease the tension of railway transportation, speed up the "Bohai" and the "Yangtze River Delta" along the two major economic circles and flow of people, goods, information and capital flow, a new artery connecting two hub cities.

     as our own milestone in the construction of railway, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed lines cost the new logo for railway development. More than 100,000 railway builders lasted 3 years, build a world-class high-speed railway, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed lines cost as an important symbol of railway modernization in China, erected a monument in the history of Chinese railways. Adhere to the scientific Outlook on development to guide the participation units of engineering practice, became China's Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway construction model of railway construction project. This will show an important railway status and function, speed up the modernization of China's railway construction process, encouraging all staff to promote the confidence and determination of railway development.

     as a convenient channel to better serve the people, the Beijing-Shanghai high speed rail embodies the feelings for the people of China railway. People's satisfaction is the ruler of railway development, of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway builders always at party and State work person high, meet the needs of economic and social development and to meet the needs of the people, and strive to provide higher quality, more extensive passenger services. By running different levels train, setting the station, giving passengers a variety of fare options, economic and social development of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will meet needs and demand of the people, allowing people to enjoy the benefits of railway development.

     embody the scientific development of China railway major achievements the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail operations, but high speed rail safety, scientific and orderly and efficient operation, give full play to the benefit and role of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the task is still very arduous. We need to conscientiously implement the important instructions of the Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, thoroughly implement the scientific Outlook on development, strong sense of responsibility to the country and the people, adhere to safety first, to improve service quality, scientific organizations, and strive to create a new level of high-speed rail operations management.