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Ministry of the public security Ministry: July-August scrutiny of the railway luggage and parcel

Reporters from the Beijing railway police department was informed that this morning, the Ministry of railways, Ministry of public security has issued jointly by the railway security notices, from July 1 to August 31, passengers by train carrying goods and consignments by rail package to implement security checks, are prohibited in checked in the General cargo carrying dangerous goods, requires the consigning of luggages and parcels to check when the real-name registration, to ensure that the 2011 Universiade was held successfully.

reporters at the Beijing West railway station, notice was posted. Matters related to the notice party lists six items, one in the second, in addition to the familiar tool of control, such as kitchen knives, knife, large fruit knives, craft knives, scissors, iron and steel (iron) files, blunt weapons such as axes, hammers, and cannot be carried into the station.

fourth also mentioned that the luggage shippers to register luggage package consignee shall present their valid ID receive, otherwise the railway departments have the right to refuse delivery.