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Provides forceful support for highland railway health care work

Recently, the Division of labour and health, construction and management of railways Department and transport Joint Conference on plateau railway health care work. Session based on a comprehensive review of health and security of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, according to Ministry of   on enhancing health protection work of the spirit of the plateau railway requirements for Qinghai-Tibet railway operation management and Highland railway lines and the construction of the new situation and new characteristics demand since the second half of 2011 organize the plateau railway health protection work of rectification, for plateau railway health care work to provide strong support.

Highland railway in China is the world's highest and longest mileage of railways. In recent years, operations, maintenance and construction based on local health resources, Highland railway health care system be established, effective protection of the vast number of passengers, railroad workers and workers ' health, for the Highland railway transportation safety and positive contribution to the smooth implementation of the project.

Conference requirements, units to strengthened responsibility consciousness, the about railway and units as plateau railway health guarantees work of responsibility subject, to will personnel health as safety of main task one of; the production station paragraph, and construction units head to perform duties, strengthening management, full implementation health guarantees measures; to put railway workers and construction personnel of health as concern livelihood of a event to caught, put plateau railway health guarantees as ruling capacity construction of a items important assessment index, As the health and security of people are not satisfied with evaluation of the ruler.

meeting stressed that the special rectification activities through self test, special inspection of railway company and the Ministry of supervision and evaluation of ways, on the one hand promote the rotation of operation plateau in China railway science and health management, and prevent the occurrence of chronic mountain sickness; the other hand promote the plateau railway construction unit to improve the production and living environment, strengthen the management of new entry officers, improve the level of protection of workers and service workers.

Ministry of labor and the Department of health informed the head of operations, construction of altitude sickness and plague control, 7 units such as the Qinghai-Tibet railway company to share work of relevant departments attended the meeting.