Shanghai Railway Express Transportation Company LimitedShanghai Railway Express Transportation Company Limited
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Scope of business

  Professional transport services:  

provides a wide range of transportation services (road, rail, air)  

has a strong team of owned cars, transport network in major cities all over the country diversified into domestic and international air freight forwarding;

  a wide range of services:  

LTL, vehicle, large handling large:  

not more than 12 m in length; not more than 2.7 metres in height; width not more than 2.4 m.  

embargo: the country contraband and dangerous goods, flammable liquids, explosive, glass products.

  delivery service:  

freight in 300 yuan more than in the city, with free shipping.  

small pieces of cargo delivery in the city with Shanghai Railway Express or to contact the company.  

delivery outside the city as road charging, please with Shanghai Railway Express or to contact the company.

  home delivery:  

luggage provide door-to-door delivery services, specific services please contact Hefei Railway Express company or to contact the company.

  storage services:  

monthly shipments of more than 500,000 customers in Shanghai Railway Express company to provide warehousing and distribution services in central cities.

Center City:  

Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xian, Jinan and other storage services, please discuss with the Corporation Marketing Department.

  and other related ancillary services:  

planning and design of programmes, training for professionals, e-business and professional information technology consulting and services, integration services,